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Free Professional Water Quality Testing In San Diego

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Free Water Testing In San Diego

Water testing is essential and not just for your health. That’s why San Diego Pure Water proudly offers free water testing! You need to test the water in your home regularly because it can affect the health of your family and pets and damage appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers.

Water testing should be done before and after installing a new filtration system. Testing allows you to determine if any improvements need to be made or if the filtration system works effectively. It will also help you identify water quality issues and address them before they cause damage or illness. Testing is recommended at least once yearly, but you might want to test more often depending on how much time you spend at home and using your water.

At San Diego Pure Water, we believe that access to clean water is a human right, and we aim to keep your water as pure as possible so you can enjoy it without fear of contaminants. Contact us today for professional water testing services for your drinking and well water.

City Water Testing

Your water is more than just something to drink. It's a part of your daily life. That's why we offer free water testing for 15 contaminants found in San Diego water. With this test, you can rest easy knowing that what comes from your tap is safe for your family.

If you're interested in water filtration or water softening, we offer free in-home digital testing so you know what's in your water and which type of filter will be best for you.

For those with serious medical issues, we can also provide fully certified laboratory testing to address contaminants affecting your health, some of which may be site-specific.

Well Water Testing

San Diego's local wells contain iron, manganese, uranium, and arsenic, which can cause serious problems when consumed. If you're unsure whether your water is safe, we offer free testing for 15 contaminants that commonly appear in local groundwater. Just fill out our form, and we'll send a certified technician to take care of it!

We offer fully certified laboratory water testing for those with high contaminant levels. Testing analyzes the contaminants in your well water that may affect your health, home, agriculture, and property.

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Can I Test My Water On My Own?
Do-it-yourself water test kits are readily available on the market; however, they aren’t as accurate as those performed by our experts. Call San Diego Pure Water for certified lab tests to ensure safe water quality.
What Do I Do If My Water Is Contaminated?
Thankfully, there are several treatment options available, though each depends on the circumstances and your specific needs. If you discover that your water is contaminated, our San Diego Pure Water experts can recommend a suitable water filtration or treatment system.
What Happens If I Avoid Testing My Water?
Failing to test your water could lead to the consumption of contaminants that bring on chronic health effects. Why take the risk of consuming harmful heavy metals each and every day when a simple test from San Diego Pure Water can uncover hidden dangers in your water? For your safety and your family’s safety, get your water tested today.
Can you drink tap water in California?
To discover if your tap water is safe to drink in San Diego or elsewhere in California, you may want to get it tested. Knowing is better than guessing, and failing to guess correctly can endanger yourself and your family. San Diego Pure Water can provide you with the test results that demonstrate whether your water supply is safe to drink. Many California residents can benefit from a water filter system that improves their drinking water quality.
     Sometimes, if an issue occurs that makes tap water unsafe, you'll receive a boil water advisory from the Environmental Protection Agency, your local health department, your municipal water authority, or another government entity that is monitoring your city's water filtration systems. Keep on the lookout for these advisories and call San Diego Pure Water to take the extra steps you need to keep yourself and your family happy and healthy.
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- Myke M.'s Rating
I was provided with the best customer service. The guys Mark, Jack, and Martin were the best. I was able to get what I wanted for a reasonable price. The day before my installation, Jack came by my house to assess where to properly place the system so there would be no surprise for the tech. A day later, Martin was able to install my water system professionally and without any problems. I would highly recommend San Diego Pure Water to anyone. - Myke M.
- Sooz G.'s Rating
We have been happy! The Install guy was super nice and professional. So far so good with the water. It tastes great and it’s so nice it’s good at every faucet!I recommend San Diego Pure Water. We had been renting a soft water system for 25 years. It’s insane how much we’ve spent. This is far more affordable and instead of soft water we have completely filtered drinking water from every spout. - Sooz G.
- Stephan B.'s Rating
My experience with San Diego Pure Water has been excellent. I reached out on their website as I was interested to have a whole house water purification system installed. One of their very experienced Sales rep called me promptly, captured my needs and advised me on the right product to get. He also made sure that I could benefit from a recent promo that had just expired which knocked the price down significantly. Their installers came in a couple of weeks later, hooked up the unit and it’s been working phenomenal since then. I get clean, drinkable and soft water without any chemicals and salt additions from all the taps in the house. Great customer experience overall and highly recommended! - Stephan B.
- Alan M.'s Rating
They were efficient knowledgeable and quick. I would recommend them anytime and water tastes so natural after they installed my RO filtration. Their Tech Rudy did a fine job! - Alan M.
- Kayla B.'s Rating
San Diego Pure Water went above and beyond throughout the whole process! From helping us determine what would work best for our house to installing our system, their professionalism and customer service was top notch. We are very pleased with our new water quality! - Kayla B.
- Patrick H.'s Rating
I used San Diego Pure Water’s all-home filter system and reverse osmosis drinking water since 2016. It has been a joy. Problem free and perfect water. The people there are friendly and eager to assist. 100% satisfaction. I recommend them highly! - Patrick H.