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Improve Your Drinking Water with Our Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis
Water Filters

Ready for Installation in Your San Diego Home

Best Under-Sink Water Filter System in San Diego, CA

Your home's drinking water can be the best in the world. All it takes is a professionally installed under-sink drinking water system to guarantee that you have perfect drinking water.

San Diego Pure Water is San Diego’s leader in advanced water treatment technology. We offer premier drinking water systems to meet your precise needs and exceed your expectations. The patented multi-stage reverse osmosis and carbon block technology we employ to manufacture these under-sink systems is guaranteed to remove chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, and arsenic. Our 10-year warranty and excellent customer service ensure you buy a system that will provide you with clean and safe water for years to come.

Water Systems That Make A Difference

San Diego Pure Water’s systems are tested & verified for the maximum chloramines, chlorine, fluoride, iron, copper, manganese, radioactive isotopes, and arsenic removal. Our three choices of systems filter water through 6, 7, or 8 filtered stages to ensure maximum water quality. The systems were designed and manufactured locally in Southern California. Each system includes a custom faucet that our professionals will install with an automatic leak detection system to prevent damage.

The “Perfect Water 506”

Fifty gallons of the freshest water are brought daily to your tap.

6 Filtered Stages

  • Sediment filter
  • GAC filter for chlorine
  • Catalytic carbon filter for chloramines
  • Reverse osmosis membrane
  • Calcium magnesium filter
  • Carbon polishing filter

The “Perfect Water 506 Pro”

Seventy-five gallons of ultra-pure water flow daily for your home.

7 Filtered Stages

  • Sediment filter
  • GAC filter for chlorine
  • Catalytic carbon filter for chloramines
  • Reverse osmosis membrane
  • Ultra Violet Sterilizer 
  • Calcium magnesium filter
  • Carbon polishing filter


Contact San Diego Pure Water for Your New Under Sink Water Filtration System Today

For over 30 years, San Diego Pure Water has been dedicated to serving the San Diego community with top-notch water purification and filtration systems. We provide expert filter replacement, filter cartridges, flow rate, and water line services.

Our systems efficiently remove contaminants such as heavy metals, ensuring clean water without bad a taste or odor. Your home's dedicated faucet can have an extended filter life, giving you a healthy lifestyle right from your home tap. Contact us today in San Diego or nearby areas, and let us assist you in installing a system tailored to your needs!

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How Do Contaminants Get Into My Water?
Contamination can occur from various sources, such as naturally occurring chemicals and minerals entering the water stream, manufacturing processes, or local land practices such as farmers using fertilizers.
How Long Do Filters Last?
On average, under-sink reverse osmosis system filters last between two to five years, depending on the amount used.
Why Are Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems So Popular?
Reverse osmosis systems have grown in popularity over recent years. RO produces great-tasting and pure water efficiently while being cost-effective for your home.
How to Change (Or Replace) Under Sink Water Filter?
To change or replace your under-sink water filter, first, turn off the water supply. Release any remaining pressure by opening the faucet. Remove the filter housing the old filter. Clean the housing with mild soap and water. Install the new filter and reassemble the system. Turn on the water supply and flush the filter for a few minutes. If you're concerned about damaging your filter during this process, contact our team for help.
How to Clean Under Sink Water Filter?
Cleaning your filter is a similar process to changing your filter. To clean an under-sink water filter, first, turn off the water supply. Then release pressure by opening the faucet and remove the filter housing and filter. Make sure to clean the housing with mild soap and water. Finally, rinse the filter under cold water. When you reassemble the system, you'll need to turn on the water supply and flush the filter for a few minutes before using it.
What Is the Best Water Filter System Under Sink?
Determining the best under-sink water filter depends on your specific needs. Consider factors like filtration technology, contaminant removal capabilities, and the filter's lifespan. Popular options include reverse osmosis filters, carbon block filters, and sediment filters. Our team can also help walk you through the options. Contact us to learn what filter is best for your specific situation.
How Much Does an Under Sink Water Filter System Cost to Install?
The cost to install an under-sink water filter system varies. It depends on factors like the type of filter, difficulty of installation, and labor costs in your area. When you contact us for service, we can walk you through an accurate estimate of installation for your specific situation.

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See Why Our Customers Love Us
- Myke M.'s Rating
I was provided with the best customer service. The guys Mark, Jack, and Martin were the best. I was able to get what I wanted for a reasonable price. The day before my installation, Jack came by my house to assess where to properly place the system so there would be no surprise for the tech. A day later, Martin was able to install my water system professionally and without any problems. I would highly recommend San Diego Pure Water to anyone. - Myke M.
- Sooz G.'s Rating
We have been happy! The Install guy was super nice and professional. So far so good with the water. It tastes great and it’s so nice it’s good at every faucet!I recommend San Diego Pure Water. We had been renting a soft water system for 25 years. It’s insane how much we’ve spent. This is far more affordable and instead of soft water we have completely filtered drinking water from every spout. - Sooz G.
- Stephan B.'s Rating
My experience with San Diego Pure Water has been excellent. I reached out on their website as I was interested to have a whole house water purification system installed. One of their very experienced Sales rep called me promptly, captured my needs and advised me on the right product to get. He also made sure that I could benefit from a recent promo that had just expired which knocked the price down significantly. Their installers came in a couple of weeks later, hooked up the unit and it’s been working phenomenal since then. I get clean, drinkable and soft water without any chemicals and salt additions from all the taps in the house. Great customer experience overall and highly recommended! - Stephan B.
- Alan M.'s Rating
They were efficient knowledgeable and quick. I would recommend them anytime and water tastes so natural after they installed my RO filtration. Their Tech Rudy did a fine job! - Alan M.
- Kayla B.'s Rating
San Diego Pure Water went above and beyond throughout the whole process! From helping us determine what would work best for our house to installing our system, their professionalism and customer service was top notch. We are very pleased with our new water quality! - Kayla B.
- Patrick H.'s Rating
I used San Diego Pure Water’s all-home filter system and reverse osmosis drinking water since 2016. It has been a joy. Problem free and perfect water. The people there are friendly and eager to assist. 100% satisfaction. I recommend them highly! - Patrick H.