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Is Your Water Safe to Drink?

We are here to help you with:

  • In-Home Water Testing  

  • Free Water Tests - 8 Tests Included.

  • Full Laboratory Testing With Fast Turnaround. 

  • Free Professional Chemical Analysis & Recommendations.

  • California Compliant Testing For Real Estate Transactions. 

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City Water Testing

If the look, taste, smell, or feel of your tap water in San Diego County is not right, you should have your water tested. We offer eight different water tests.

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Well Water Testing

The first step is to test your well water through two options:

  1. Free Well Testing

  2. Full Laboratory Testing 

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#1: FHA & VA Water Tests  

  • Nitrates & Bacteria  

  • Full Service - Chain Of Custody  

  • 2-Day To 7-Day Turnaround  

  • We understand your real estate  

  • The transaction has to close.  

  • Rush Orders OK  

#2: VA Water Test With Lead

  • Nitrates - Bacteria - Lead  

  • Full Service - Sample - Chain Of Custody  

  • Delivery To Lab  

  • 3-Day To 7-Day Turnaround  

  • Lead Testing Takes More Time  

  • Please Submit Order ASAP  

#3: Test Failure Protocols

  • Bacteria Present In Sample   

  • Full Service Well Shocking Service with

  • Re-Sample, Chain of Custody & Delivery To Lab - 24-Hour Turnaround  

  • Nitrate Level > 10ppm  

  • 48-Hour Turn Around - Nitrate Reduction Filter Installed - Re-Sample, Chain of Custody & Delivery To Lab  

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