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EcoSoft Softeners

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Water Softeners Made For San Diego Tap Water!

An Eco-Friendly Sustainable Water Softener


  • Better-tasting water

  • Softer skin and hair

  • Fewer skin problems and irritations caused by hard water

  • Low cost

  • Saves Up To 35% Of Wastewater

  • Saves Up To 25% Of Salt Usage

  • Low Maintenance High-Quality Equipment

  • You Control Your Water Softness

  • Works With Regular Salt or Potassium Salt


The EcoSoft Water Softener saves more water, salt, and electricity by managing the regeneration process up to 50% more efficiently through an Up Brine Process where the softening resin is brined with undiluted brine.  98% of water softeners used residentially use a down brine process where brine is diluted and efficiency is lost.


San Diego Pure Water is the only company offering the Up Brine Process with their entry-level water softeners.  And might we add, at a price far below our competitor's entry-level lesser technology softeners.

EcoSoft Softeners remove or reduce: 

  • Chlorine

  • Hardness

  • Heavy Metals
  • Iron

Clean Water

EcoSoft Water Softeners

 Super Efficient Economical Water Softeners

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