Whole House Water Filters

Engineered & Designed Specifically To Filter San Diego Water!

Our Systems Are Built Here In San Diego For San Diego Water!

Catch The No Tax Refund Sale!  Love Your Family - Give Them Clean Water!
$1,000 Off Whole House Water Filters - Softeners - Filter Softener Systems
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Carbon Filters
Clean your water by removing Chlorine, Chloramines, Carcinogenic Disinfection Byproducts, Heavy Metals, Lead, and Volatile Organic Compounds, and more...
Carbon & Softening
The best of both worlds clean filtered water combined with water softening to protect your family and home.
A Great Choice For Your Home And For Your Family's Well Being!
Carbon & Salt-Free Softening
All The Benefits Of A Carbon Softener Combo Plus The Water Is Still Drinkable From The Tap.  No More Salt Bags To Buy & Carry!

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We Have Every Option So You Get To Choose What You Want To Fit Your Actual Needs!

We Have All The Softener Options Too

Salt Free Softening
Removes hard water scale from your home Without Using Salt Based Ion Exchange.  Minimizes Hard Water Damage & Protects Your Plumbing. 
An Environmentally Sound Option!
Water Softeners
Water Softeners Save You Money By Protecting Your Plumbing & Fixtures.
  You Get Softer Skin, Silky Hair and Makes Cleaning So Much Easier.  Plus Your Appliances Maintain Their Warranty!
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Whole House Water Filtration Is A GREAT Investment!

Whole House Filtration

Protects Your Family From:



Hard Water

Heavy Metals

Roundup - Glyphosate




Disinfection Byproducts

Volatile Organic Compounds


Uranium - Radionuclides

Your family will love clean and healthy water!
Water Treatment saves you time & money!
Carbon Filtration Removes Toxic Chemicals!
Water Softening protects your investment in your home!

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