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Softeners & Filters

Brita® PRO Water Softeners and Filters can improve the quality and taste of your household water.  With combination systems that address all the water quality issues in San Diego County.  All BRITA® PRO systems are system certified and carry the strongest warranties in the industry backed by Brita® PRO

Hybrid Systems - Your Salt-Free Solutions

BRITA® PRO Whole House Filters Combined With

ScaleStop Salt-Free Softening/Conditioning Systems

Our Hybrid Systems Featuring BRITA® PRO Whole House Catalytic Carbon Filters combined with ScaleStop Salt-Free Softening/Conditioning Units removes chlorine, chloramines, VOC's, disinfectant byproducts and more while preventing hard water from damaging your household appliances, pipes, and plumbing.

  • Protect Your Family, Health & Home

  • Get Softer Skin & More Luxurious Hair

  • No More Hard Water Problems

  • Cleaning Is Faster & Easier

  • Cloths Last Longer and Look Better

  • Metered Back Washing To Save Water

      – for efficiency and improved water quality

      – 32% reduction in wastewater & salt usage

      -- Non-Back Washing Softener/Conditioners Saves Water

  • Protects The Environment By Reducing Chemical Use

Control Valve

Platinum | Soft+CTO | Soft+Iron

Pressure Tanks

SmartPure Home Water Management System

A System Designed With San Diego In Mind!

The SmartPure Home Water Management Systems removes/reduces every contaminant possible with current water filtration technology.  It offers maximum filtration protection from water contaminants, hardness, bad tastes, and odors. 

All SmartPure Systems include:

  1. a multi-carbon filter

  2. a multi-resin ion exchange filter

  3. an under sink reverse osmosis system

  4. five years of organic biodegradable eco-friendly soaps and cleaners to save you money and protect the environment!

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UltraPure Silent Whole House

Reverse Osmosis Systems

The Ultimate In Whole House Water Treatment!

Perfect Water From Every Tap

The Best Of Bottled Water Quality

  • Water Purified to Zero Total Dissolved Solids

  • Computer Controlled Auto-Cleaning System

  • Low Maintenance and Waste Water

  • Silent Operation - No Vibration

  • Removes/Reduces All Contaminants

  • Once Yearly Maintenance

  • Reliable Technology

The Name You Know

      The Brand You Trust

The Best In Softening & Filtration At A Lower Competitive Price
All Systems & Installations Warrantied By Brita®
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