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Is Your
Well Water Safe?

Free Well Water Test & Analysis

Free Water Testing Of 16 Common Contaminants

* Hardness                         * pH

* Iron                                  * Lead

* Mercury                           * Copper

* Nitrate                              * Nitrite

* Chlorine                           * Salt

* Alkalinity                          * Zinc

* Aluminum                        * Total Dissolved Solids

* Hydrogen Sulfide           * Manganese


Please fill out the form to the right and a test kit will be mailed to you with two test tubes.  Please fill the test tubes with water, seal them and send back to us in the included prepaid addressed envelope.  Your results will be emailed back to you as soon as possible. 

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Well Water Testing

Your well water needs to be tested. 

San Diego well water commonly tests positive for Iron, Manganese, Nitrate, Uranium and Arsenic which can cause you serious problems. 


Just to be safe test your water!

We offer free testing of 14 contaminates found in the local San Diego well water.  With no contact and COVID safe this test gives you piece of mind for major contaminants.

Interested in water filtration or softening? 

We offer free in-home digital water testing to insure your filtration addresses what is in your water.

For those with high contaminant levels:

Full certified laboratory water testing is available to analyze the contaminants in your well water that may be affecting your health, home, agriculture and property.

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Signs You Might Have A Problem

Is your water off in some way?

If the look, taste, smell, or feel of your well water is not quite right, you should have your water tested.

  Signs Your Water Has issues:

  • Brown or Orange Staining is a sign of Iron.

  • Black or Purple color is a sign of Manganese.

  • White Crusty Residue is a sign of high hardness.

  • A Smell of Rotten Eggs is a sign of Hydrogen Sulfide.

  • Blue Stains is a sign of low pH dissolving copper pipes.


Low pH, Manganese, Nitrates, Uranium and Arsenic are real problems in our local water aquifers, everyone needs to have a full laboratory test done once every 5 years. 

Be Safe And Test Your Well Water!

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#1: FHA & VA Water Tests  

  • Nitrates & Bacteria  

  • Full Service - Chain Of Custody  

  • 2-Day To 7-Day Turnaround  

  • We understand your real estate  

  • The transaction has to close.  

  • Rush Orders OK  

#2: VA Water Test With Lead

  • Nitrates - Bacteria - Lead  

  • Full Service - Sample - Chain Of Custody  

  • Delivery To Lab  

  • 3-Day To 7-Day Turnaround  

  • Lead Testing Takes More Time  

  • Please Submit Order ASAP  

#3: Test Failure Protocols

  • Bacteria Present In Sample   

  • Full Service Well Shocking Service with

  • Re-Sample, Chain of Custody & Delivery To Lab - 24-Hour Turnaround  

  • Nitrate Level > 10ppm  

  • 48-Hour Turn Around - Nitrate Reduction Filter Installed - Re-Sample, Chain of Custody & Delivery To Lab  

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For Real Estate Testing Time Is Of The Essence To Close On Time: Please Call 760-298-7041

For Real Estate Testing Time Is Of The Essence Please Call 760-298-7041

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