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Well Water Filtration & Purification!

We can remove: Hardness  |  Iron  |  Manganese  Nitrates  |  Sulfates |  Bacteria 

Arsenic  |  Salts  Iron Bacteria  |  Boron  |  Sulfur & Iron Bacteria  |  Silica

Nitrate Filters

Nitrate is the second most dangerous contaminant in local well water (E. coli bacteria is the first). Nitrate levels are highly regulated in potable water. Having nitrates in water above the legal limit causes problems, including being unable to sell houses or property. The city and county will not allow the building of a house on the property with only well water. High levels of nitrates endanger the health of small children and at-risk elderly individuals. 


No More:

  • Danger For Small Children

  • Health Risks

Options: Nitrate Selective Ion Exchange

Reverse Osmosis - Under Sink - Whole House - Entire Property

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Iron and Manganese Filters

Katalox Light is a versatile medium for the treatment of iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide. It's lighter than Filox and requires significantly less backwash. Katalox Light can also provide sediment filtration down to three microns and can reduce arsenic, zinc, copper, radium, and uranium. These products are NSF & WQA certified.


Unlike GreenSand, Katalox Light does not require chemical dosing.

Katalox Light Iron/Manganese Filters carry a five-year media warranty and a ten-year equipment warranty.


These systems cost about 40% less than comparable Filox or MangOx Filters.

No More:

  • Staining

  • Lines Clogging

  • Water Heaters Problems

  • Faucets Failing

  • Drip Systems Clogging

  • Orange Stains

  • Sulfur Smells

Uranium Filters

Since uranium is naturally occurring, people can be exposed to it through the soil, food, and drinking water. Elevated levels of uranium can cause health problems, so the EPA has set the maximum contaminant level at 15 pCi/L 0 for the presence of uranium in municipal water supplies. Discovering increased uranium in water may seem scary, but uranium and radioisotopes are fairly easy to remove from water.  


Decaying uranium produces radon, another dangerous contaminant. Elevated levels of uranium in drinking water may be due to higher naturally occurring levels or from uranium mining. Nuclear power plants also use uranium as a fuel, so those around the plants may be at a higher risk for exposure (for a current US map of these sites, see below). 


Symptoms of Uranium Exposure: Even though uranium has not been listed as a carcinogen, it can increase the risk of cancer. Elevated levels of uranium exposure have also been shown to cause kidney damage and kidney disease, particularly in those with lowered immune systems. Uranium can also accumulate in the bones in the way that radium does. 


Filtration Solutions for Uranium: Some say that whole house filtration methods are not needed for water contaminated with uranium, as showering in the water will not put people at risk, but this is questionable, in our opinion. We suggest that uranium be removed from the shower, bath, and wash water. It is better to be safe than sorry. 


Point-of-use systems should be used to filter drinking water. 

Uranium can be reduced by both cation or anion exchange filters, dependent upon its state. Reverse osmosis systems will reduce uranium by 95 to 98%. Activated alumina and water distillation can also be utilized. 

San Diego Pure Water is a full-service water treatment company and offers every kind of effective uranium filter option available:

  • Anion & Cation Exchange

  • Reverse Osmosis

  • PH Neutralization


Hydrogen Sulfide Filters

Water that smells like rotten eggs is not safe.   That smell Is hydrogen sulfide, which is toxic and flammable. There are various ways to remove hydrogen sulfide, which depends on the water chemistry. Testing the water is the first step.


Katalyox Light

  • Lasts For Ten Years

  • No Maintenance

  • Wastes Less Water Backwashing

  • Needs No Regeneration

  • Removes Iron, Manganese, Arsenic


Catalytic Carbon

  • Makes Water Taste Great

  • Lasts For Five to Ten Years

  • Removes VOC & Chlorine

  • Simple Automatic Backwashing System


UltraPure Whole House Reverse Osmosis

  • Purified Water For The Whole House

  • Removes All Toxins

  • Includes All Pre-Filtration