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ToxinPure Whole House Filtration Systems

The First Whole House Filter Designed For Emerging Contaminants of Concern

Contaminants of Emerging Concern in the Environment

     Some chemicals that we use in our everyday lives including medicines (such as prescription and non-prescription drugs), personal hygiene products (for example, soaps, disinfectants, …) and their chemical additives (such as preservatives) are present in the environment and associated with various sources such as municipal wastewater treatment plants, runoff from agricultural and urban land surfaces, and septic systems. These contaminants are referred to collectively as “contaminants of emerging concern” and represent a shift in traditional thinking as many are produced industrially yet are dispersed to the environment from domestic uses.

     Testing throughout the United States has shown that these contaminants have made it into the water cycle and most concerning is that they had been found in every water sample taken even if from lakes and streams.  Prescription and non-prescription drugs are a huge part of this "sea" of contaminants in the water table.

    Our government has great concern over this because they started looking for them because the effects of these man-made contaminants has shown up in people!  The ability to test for them is so new that we only have one year of data, they don't know how fast it is getting worse or if the contaminant level is somewhat stable.

     One of the hardest contaminants to remove is one of the most common drugs available - Ibuprofen - which GAC and Catalytic carbon do not remove at all, Ibuprofen has been found in every water sample tested so far.

     The ToxinPure filter is designed with the only filtration media proven to effectively remove these Emerging Contaminants of Concern and it is a San Diego Pure Water Exclusive.  There is only one maker of this media and we are the only company buying it from the manufacture in the state of California for water treatment.

Just Imagine…

  • Salt-free or Salt Based water softening - It's your choice

  • Great tasting water with a luxurious feels

  • Softer skin and hair

  • Generally fewer skin problems & irritations

  • Your home without harmful disinfectants and disinfection byproducts - know carcinogens

  • You have the maximum reduction of harmful contaminants filtration can provide

  • The peace from knowing that you have the most effective whole house filtration system made!

  • The ultimate in water filtration!


These systems afford water softening and simultaneously the maximum filtration available in the world today for residences, from apartments to larger homes.  It can be used as a point of entry (POE) water treatment system in larger residential projects, such as apartment complexes, hotels, and residential neighborhoods.   A single system can be used to deliver treated water to up to 30 apartments at once.  The anti-scaling effect is helpful for the longevity of all residential appliances, plumbing, fixtures, and appliances. 

For A Free No-Obligation Phone Consultation Please Call:
These systems are all custom designed and built to address the needs of each client.
It all starts with a discussion of what you want and what your needs are...

ToxinPure Whole House Filtration System Benefits: 


Great-Tasting Water                                                        Softer Skin - Reduces Dryness

Reduced Toxins In Your Water                                      Can Help With Health Problems

​Helps With Chemical Sensitivity                                    Can Help Chemo Patients

​Fewer Skin Problems                                                      Fewer Lung Issues

​Healthier Water At Every Tap                                 

Customizable Taste                                                        Soft Hair & Skin

​No Scale or Build-up                                                       Clothes Last Longer

​Cleaning Is Easier                                                            Protects Your House & Plumbing

ToxinPure Systems Protect Your Home, You & Your Loved Ones!

For A Free No-Obligation Phone Consultation Please Call:
These systems are all custom designed and built to address the needs of each client.
It all starts with a discussion of what you want and what your needs are...

Water Treatment Is A Smart And Healthy Investment In Your Future!

Every Thing In Your Home Works Better

With Treated Water Including You!

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The Ultimate In Whole House Water Purification Systems
Custom Designed For You, Your Family, And Your Water!
Look At The Toxins The ToxinPure Filter Has Been Proven To Address

​Nothing can protect your family and your home like a ToxinPure Whole House Water Filter!

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