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The Ultimate In Salt-Free Water Treatment

The ToxinPure System is built to remove toxins and contaminants from San Diego County tap water. 


  • Maximum reduction of harmful contaminants filtration can provide

  • Virtually toxin-free conditioned water throughout the home 

  • Better-tasting water

  • Softer skin and hair

  • Fewer skin problems and irritations that can be caused by hard water

  • Low cost

The ToxinPure System provides water softening, ionic toxin removal, and the maximum filtration available in the world today. No filtration system can outperform the ToxinPure Home Water Management System.

ToxinPure can remove/reduce: Heavy Metals   Iron & Uranium  |  Sulfates  |  Hardness  |  Chlorine  

Chloramines  |  Fluoride  |  Arsenic  |  THMs  |  PFOS  |  PFOA  

Glyphosate  | Endocrine Disruptors

Clean Water

Toxin Pure Benefits
A San Diego Pure Water Exclusive!

Great Tasting Water from Every Tap
Coconut Shell Catalytic Activated Carbon + Conditioning Filter
Removes/reduces Chloramines, Chlorine & Volatile Organic Compounds: Hydrogen

          Sulfide, Nitrates, Sulfates, Fertilizers, Pesticides and Pharmaceuticals and more…
5 Times More Effective & Efficient On Chloramines & Toxins!
Eliminates Hard Water Scale from Your Home
Digital Backwashing Head Saves 30% of Waste
Down Flow Design for Maximum Filtration Efficiency and Effectiveness
Full Digital Automatic Backwashing Controller
Removes Heavy Metals - Arsenic - Uranium - Chromium 6!
WaterGuard media, proven to remove emerging contaminants
99.6% Removal Of Hard Water Scale - Live Scale Free
True Salt-Free Water Conditioning
Protects Plumbing & Fixtures
Professionally Installed
5 Year Performance Guaranty
Unlimited 10 Year Warranty on Equipment