We love our HomePure System!  The water is awesome, we can't believe we lived without this for so long.   And thank you for taking the time to educate us on our water, we appreciated not being pressured into buying something on the spot, and your answering all our questions.  You guys rock!


John H - South Park San Diego

Thank you Bob and Trish!  We are SO ENJOYING our new pure water at home!!! Oh my gosh.. it's took a little mental adjustment for me to shift to the new idea that "good water" actually comes out of my faucets to drink!.. :) Wow..and the shower is just amazing.   I haven't had time (or time to clean the bath!) for a bath... but am feeling like I have a home spa with my "new" shower water!!!.. just amazed at the difference in the way a shower feels and smells.. so good!!! 


Theresa - Laguna Beach, CA


San Diego Pure Water upgraded us from a national brand whole house water filter to a customized HomePure System a month ago.  Wow what a difference, no more scale anywhere and I'm not getting a rash on my arms or back anymore.  This science really works!


Cheryl - La Jolla, CA

Thank you, thank you, thank you, our HomePure filter has completely stopped our skin problems, within only three weeks!  My mom and I just can't thank you enough.  Mom's doctor called it a miracle we told him it was San Diego Pure Water.


Kelly & Kate - North County San Diego

This system is amazing, I hated the water here in San Diego and now I love my water!  The installation, service and attention to detail was amazing.  I didn't know how bad my water really was until now.  Bob you were right Susan and I have become water snobs!


Patrick M - Point Loma

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