Whole House Fluoride Filter


Perfect Water for Perfect Health
pH Adjusted & ReMineralized!


Low Water Waste!


The Ultimate In Purification!


99% Effective Against Fluoride

The ​​UltraPure Filtration System

Whole House Reverse Osmosis Filter System

For Fluoride Removal

with pH Balancing and Re-Mineralization

Perfect Tasting Water!  pH Balanced With Minerals! 

Super Healthy & Refreshing!  Better For You Than Bottled Water!


Removes Chloramines, Chlorine, Cancer Causing Disinfection By-Products, Fluoride, Arsenic, Heavy Metals, Organic Compounds, Inorganic Compounds, Hydrogen Sulfide, Nitrates, Sulfates, Copper, Lead, Fertilizers, Pesticides, and Pharmaceuticals


Guaranteed To Supply You With "Perfect Water"!

​These systems are a San Diego Pure Water exclusive product!

Live, Drink, Cook, Wash, Bath and Shower With Pure Healthy Water From Every Faucet!


  • Guaranteed To Remove No Less Than 96% Of Fluoride

  • Live Toxin Free

  • Live Scale Free

  • The Softest Water In The World

  • Select Your pH!

  • The Best Tasting Water Anywhere!

  • You'll have softer skin and hair

  • Eliminates skin disorders

  • Great tasting coffee and tea

  • Get cleaner clothes no residues

  • Protects infants and children from toxins

  • Improves your health and well-being

  • 10 Year Limitless Warranty

Proudly Made In The USA!


The Right Filtration Media For Hydrogen Sulfide 


Media Description: High content(10%) gamma Manganese dioxide (MnO2) coated ZEOSORB


Katalox-Light® Removal methods:


1. Mechanical Filtration (fine particles, TSS, Turbidity, etc.)
2. Catalytic precipitation and sorption (Fe, Mn, Cu, Pb, etc.)
3. Adsorption (flocculant formation and adsorption of As, Heavy Metals, Radionuclides)

Filtration To 3 Microns Of:
  Total Suspended Solids
  Colour (some, organic)

Removal Of:
  Iron (Inlet conc. up to. 100 mg/L)
  Manganese (Inlet conc. up to 20 mg/L)
  Hydrogen sulfide
  Uranium, Radium
  Heavy Metals

Best Features: 
• WQA Certified to meet ANSI/NSF 61 standard for Drinking Water applications
• Very high surface area 
• High MnO2 coating (10%) 
• Contains NO crystalline Silica 
• No mandatory dosing required 
• Light weight media - saves backwash water 
• Replacement frequency every 7-10 years

OMG! My Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs!
Is it safe?  What can I do?

We Can Solve Your Rotten Egg Smell Now!


That Smell Is Hydrogen Sulfide And It Is Not Safe!

It's Toxic & Flammable!  There Are Various Ways To Remove It!

How You Remove It Depends On Your Water Chemistry - You Need To Test First!

  • Free Digital Well Water Testing With Immediate Results!
  • Often Same Day Testing For Hydrogen Sulfide Customers!
  • Full Laboratory Testing Is Available!
  • You'll Get A Free Professional Water Analysis! 
  • We Guarantee The Best Prices On All Filtration Systems!
  • We Can Install In 2 Business Day On Most Systems!
  • We Will Fix Your Water This Week!

All San Diego Pure Water Hydrogen Sulfide Filters Are Guaranteed To Remove Hydrogen Sulfide From Your Water!

Whole House Hydrogen Sulfide Filters  You Have Options:
  • Katalox Light 

    • Lasts For Ten Years

    • No Maintenance

    • Wastes Less Water Backwashing

    • Needs No Regeneration

    • Also Removes Iron, Manganese, Arsenic

  • Catalytic Carbon

    • ​Makes Water Taste Great

    • Last For Five to Ten Years

    • Also Removes VOC & Chlorine

    • Simple Automatic  Backwashing System

  • UltraPure Whole House Reverse Osmosis

    • ​Purified Water For The Whole House

    • Removes All Toxins

    • Includes All Pre-Filtration

Katalyox Light & Catalytic Carbon Filters
Installed Inline In Anza, CA

Why Choose An UltraPure Whole House


Reverse Osmosis System For Your Well Water?

Guaranteed Reduction Rates:


  •   Hydrogen Sulfide - 99%

  • Nitrates - 99%

  • Sulfates - 95% to 99%

  • Volatile Organic Chemicals VOC's - 99%

  • Hardness - 99%

  • Heavy Metals - 99%

  • Pesticides & Herbicides - 99%

  • Radioisotopes - 95% to 99%


Catalytic Carbon Filtration

99% Effective On Hydrogen Sulfide Through Catalytic Action

Makes Your Water Taste Great Too!

Eliminating Toxins Improves Your Health & Wellbeing!

Removes Volatile Organic Compounds Found In Well Water

Eliminate That Nasty Rotten Egg Smell!

You, Your Family, Your Pets & Your House  Will Love Your Water!

Safe & Simple

Our Current Customers Love Their San Diego Pure Water Systems!

Dear Bob, The water is fantastic!  We cannot believe we waited so long to that fixed.  The smell is gone, the water tastes great, feels great and it is so much easier to keep everything clean.  Even the dog notices the difference.  Your installers did a great job.  

Your system really works!    Thank You!

                                                                                                                                     Pat S. Anza, CA 

Hey Bob,  I just have to say that I love my water!  What a difference.  I don't have any skin problems anymore when I shower, and my skin and hair love this water.   My husband and I are so happy that we made the investment in our UltraPure system.  Thank you for all your help and efforts.

                                                                                                                                      Arlene C. Escondido

Dear San Diego Pure Water,  We love our water!  This system has completely changed our home.  My kids love the water, cleaning is easier and oh my god bathing is wonderful!  Thank you for all the help.


                                                                                                                                   John S. Jamul

You Can Love Your Water Too!  Start The Process With A Free Consultation!

Here's Who We Are & What We Believe

We are a dynamic scientific company that designs, builds, and installs the best water filtration systems we can make.  We use the very best equipment from American manufactures and the best filtration media available in California.  We exclusively use Jacobi Catalytic Coconut Shell Carbon because University studies have shown it to be the most efficient and effective solution for removing Chloramines from tap water.


We use science to guide our business so that we can deliver the right solution for any water-based problems!


We do whatever it takes to come up with innovative solutions for you and then implement your solution in a professional and honest fashion.   We are obsessed with delivering the perfect water treatment solution to our customers & friends. 


We are a dynamic scientific company that designs, builds, and installs the best water filtration systems we can make.  We use the very best equipment from American manufactures and the best filtration media available.  We use Jacobi Catalytic Coconut Shell Carbons because University studies have proven this carbon to be the most efficient and effective solution to remove chloramine from water.  


We are passionate about solving the huge water issues facing our fellow San Diegans at the lowest possible price and the least amount of hassle!


Our mission is to take the best and the latest of what has been tested and proven in the water treatment science and apply it to create the ultimate filtration and purification systems that solve our customer's problems.  We provide perfect water for perfect health!

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