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Takes The Toxins Out Of Your Shower & You!

You Will Have Softer Skin & Hair

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Last Up To 5 Times Longer Than Other Shower Filters

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Each Shower Tower Filtration System is designed to have ultra low-maintenance while providing the highest quality filtered shower water available.  We build each system to your exact needs based on the water coming to your home!  These systems are 80" tall and stand outside your shower.  Compared to tiny shower head filters the Shower Tower is 400% more effective and lasts up to 5 times as long. Perfect for renters, condo and townhouse owners, it fits in almost any bathroom. 


The Shower Tower More Filtration Media Than Any Other Shower Filter!

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What do most shower filters do and how do they work if they work at all?​



There is not a shower fluoride removal filter on the general market; the snake charmers with “copper ring” technology and other magical cures are just selling snake oil.  If copper removed Fluoride don't you think your copper pipes would have already solved your Fluoride problem.  Some shower filters use additional media and make additional removal claims but those are just not based in the science of water purification.  Fluoride Removal requires contact time between the water and the filter media, that is the science behind the Shower Tower Filter and the DeFluorinator.


Some shower filters use KDF 55 or KDF 85 filter media, which converts chlorine molecules (Cl2) into chloride ions (CL-).  Chlorine is a poisonous gas or liquid, considered one of the most toxic on earth, while chloride is considered less harmful at low levels.   So these shower filters say that they remove a high level of chlorine, as much as 90% but they do this by converting chlorine into chloride ions.  A simple test strip will tell you the effectiveness of the filter, most will not pass any test at all, we are happy to send you a chlorine test strip and you can see for yourself.  Chlorine removal requires contact time between the water and the filter media to remove it from the water!


Most shower filters do not remove the carcinogenic byproducts of chlorine in your shower water. When chlorine is added to water for the purpose of killing bacteria it interacts with organic material in the water and forms a number of carcinogenic byproducts including the Trihalomethanes and Haloacetic acids. These compounds are known as volatile organics. These compounds have been determined to be linked to cancer and are regulated as a result by EPA. These chlorine byproducts are far more dangerous to you than chlorine. There are other unregulated by-products, which are also carcinogenic.  These organic byproducts are completely removed by our shower filters.


Most shower filters also do not remove chloramines. Chloramines are a combination of chlorine and ammonia, which is increasingly used as a replacement or in combination with chlorine.  Some filter companies make the claim that they do but upon questioning they can’t tell me how they are removing them, scientifically. They may reduce chloramines slightly.   Chloramines produces lower levels of Trihalomethanes and Haloacetic acids but produces other by-products, which are equally dangerous.  Chloramine removal requires contact time between the water and the filter media, that is the science behind the Shower Tower Filter and the DeFluorinator.



This is the reason that a $50 or $100 shower filter does not compare in effectiveness to a $3,000 whole house water filter.   Until now there was no option, no way to solve the shower & bath water problem, but now there is. 

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