ScaleBlaster Pro

Ultra Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Water De-Scaler

A Real Salt-Free Solution To Hard Water Problems


Our new professional-grade SB-MAX PRO SERIES is undisputedly the most advanced residential ScaleBlaster model ever developed. This unit delivers extraordinary results in solving hard water issues and limescale buildup and formation.

  • Constructed in a durable, heavy-duty aluminum enclosure, this attractive model is designed to handle virtually any size of house or water hardness level.

  • Works on Copper, PVC, CPVC & PEX pipe. What about galvanized pipe?

  • Indoor or outdoor installations

  • Homes under 5,000 square feet
    (If your house is over 5,000 square feet, a second ScaleBlaster unit may be needed. Please contact ScaleBlaster for details.)

  • Calcium hardness (Ca) levels up to 40 grains per gallon (gpg) or 684 parts per million (ppm) Why this matters?

  • 60% more powerful than the SB-75 and SB-175

  • Amazing 10-year warranty – more than 3 times longer than the SB-75 and SB-175 models

Softening - Conditioning or Filtering Your Water

Is A Great Investment In Your Future!

Every Thing In Your Home Works Better

With Conditioned Water!

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