The people of San Diego all share a need for quality water.  Our water is full of harmful contaminants including many chemicals that are added in order to reduce other contaminants!  San Diego Pure Water is concerned about the water quality in San Diego and we want you to know the truth to protect your family from harmful water pollutants and the negative heath effects that they cause.  We’re here to help you and your family to live a happy healthy life!  

San Diego Water Additive Information

  Fluoride is added to our in San Diego water as a medical treatment for a non-waterborne disease, tooth decay but, there are more studies that dispute this than uphold it.  The dosage is controlled only by consumption so, the more water you drink the higher the dose . . .​  

Chloramines are disinfectants used to treat our drinking water.  Chloramines are formed when ammonia is added to the chlorine in our water.  The purpose according to the city is to provide longer-lasting water treatment as the water moves through pipes to consumers.

Hardness: Hard water is created when water passes through rock formations and picks up calcium and magnesium. Hard water is easy to spot; it leaves a bathtub ring made up of hardness minerals and soap. . . 

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