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ScaleGuard Salt-Free Water Conditioner

The water in Southern California is hard water, which can clog pipes, ruin water heaters, and cause faucets to seize. San Diego Pure Water offers effective water conditioning systems custom designed and built to customers' exact needs and water hardness. The systems can be built right into carbon filtration units, saving users 50% in costs.


These systems never require backwashing or regeneration, which saves thousands of gallons of wastewater every year. The systems are salt-free, which means water remains healthy and drinkable since no sodium has been added.


ScaleGuard is the lowest-priced true solution for hard water.

  • 99% Effective at Eliminating Scale (ASU Wiest/Fox Study 4/26/2011)

  • No Salt Needed of Any Kind

  • Waste Zero Water

  • Uses No Electricity

  • Maintenance Free Monthly

  • Maintenance Free Annually

  • Media Change Every 5 Years

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Scale Blaster Pro

Our new professional-grade SB-MAX PRO SERIES is indisputably the most advanced residential ScaleBlaster model ever developed. This unit delivers extraordinary results in solving hard water issues and limescale buildup and formation.


  • Provides 70% to 75% of the benefits of actual salt based softening. 

  • Constructed in a durable, heavy-duty aluminum enclosure, this attractive model is designed to handle virtually any size of house or water hardness level.

  • Works on Copper, PVC, CPVC & PEX pipe 

  • Indoor or outdoor installations

  • Homes under 5,000 square feet (If your house is over 5,000 square feet, a second ScaleBlaster unit may be needed. Please contact ScaleBlaster for details.)

  • Calcium hardness (Ca) levels up to 40 grains per gallon (gpg) or 684 parts per million (ppm) 

  • 60% more powerful than the SB-75 and SB-175

  • Amazing 10-year warranty – more than 3 times longer than the SB-75 and SB-175 models