San Diego Pure Water - Eco-Friendly Sustainable Rental Programs

We only rent highly efficient systems that save up to 85% of the waste water!  No cheap systems or water wasters!

Whole House Filtration - Water Softening - Water Conditioning!
Tested & Verifed For Maximum Chloramine, Chlorine, Hardness, VOC's & Disinfection Byproducts Removal!
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Great Tasting Water!

Removes Chloramines - Chlorine

& Scale!

No Backwashing

Requires No Electriclty

Zero Waste Water



Super Efficient Water Conditioner. 99.6% Effective In Removing Scale.

No Maintenance or Salts.

No Electricity Needed

Wastes Zero Water.



Great Tasting Scale Free Water!

Removes Chloramines - Chlorine​​ & Other Contaminants. 

Completely Eliminates Scale

Protects Plumbing & Fixtures

Full Digital Backwashing System



                          San Diego Tap Water Will Make You Sick!


Drinking, bathing and washing with water that contains Chlorine, Chloramines, Ammonia, Fluoride,

Sulfate, Nitrates, Pesticides, Disinfection Byproducts and other known cancer causing chemicals

does and will cause you health problems.  There is no question about that but, there is a discussion

about how much contamination is ok for the general population.  No one in their right mind would

consciously drink, bath or live with toxins in their water.  No one is asking for more chemicals to be added to their water.


Today, if you happen to be sensitive to any of the contaminants in San Diego water then you are experiencing health problems like skin and scalp issues, mouth, throat and digestion problems, and even mental confusion or worst but, generally you have no idea where this is coming from, or why it is happening.  There is plenty of research on the effects of water based toxins on human health. 


We have hundreds of clients who's health has improved with the addition of proper water filtration.


The big problem is except in the most sensitive cases, the effects of the toxins is not immediate or is not noticed immediately.  So in this case, what you don't know or don't notice will hurt you!   To remove/reduce some or all these contaminants to as close to zero as possible you need to use some level of filtration from Carbon filters to Ultra Filtration or Ultra Purfication.

Ultra Efficient Eco-Friendly  Highly Sustainable Residential Water Softeners
Using the most current technologies and softening resins saves you water, salt and money!
Ultra Efficient Eco-Friendly 
Highly Sustainable
Under Sink Filter Rentals

Perfect Water 507

50 Gallons Per Day 7 Stage

EcoFriendly Sustainable 3 to 1 Waste Ratio

Reverse Osmosis System

With Chloramine Pre-Filters, pH Adjustment & Re-Mineralization Plus a Permeate Pump to eliminate RO water waste!  This RO saves thousands of gallons of water per year!  Installation & Maintenance Included.  These systems are maintained annually for perfect water!  Bi-Annual Maintenance Is Not Enough!

All Products NSF & WQA Certified

& Proudly Made In The USA!

Water Treatment Is A Smart And Healthly Investment In Your Future!

Every Thing In Your Home Works Better

With Treated Water Including You!

Rental Rates Will Only Go Up!

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