ScaleGuard Water Conditioners


Ultra Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Water De-Scaler

ScaleGuard Units Are NOT BRITA  PRO Products


A Real Salt-Free Solution To Hard Water Problems


  • 99% Effective At Eliminating Scale (ASU Wiest/Fox Study 4/26/2011)

  • No Salt Needed Of Any Kind

  • Waste Zero Water

  • Uses No Electricity

  • Maintenance Free Monthly

  • Maintenance Free Annually

  • Media Change Every 5 Years


Here in Southern California, our water is really hard water.  Hard water will clog pipes, ruin water heater, and cause your faucets to seize. 


Until recently there has not been a real alternative to Water Softening to solve this problem but now we have two real solutions that have been proven to work effectively in multiple University studies.


San Diego Pure Water offers real third party University verified cutting edge water conditioning systems custom designed and built to your exact needs and water hardness.  These technologies can be built right into your carbon filtration units saving you 50% in costs while offering you a scale-free home.


These systems save thousands of gallons of wastewater every year because they never require backwashing or regeneration.


These are real salt-free systems - they don't use regular salt nor do they use Potassium salts!  Your water remains healthy and drinkable because no sodium has been added.


ZeroScale is lowest priced true solution for hard water, you can save water, save the environment, and save thousands of dollars by living a scale-free life!


A San Diego Pure Water Exclusive Product!

All products in this class have one big problem! 

Heavy Metals - They fail quickly from Copper and other metals.  Our systems are one of a kind because we have built-in protection from Copper and Heavy Metals!

Softening - Conditioning or Filtering Your Water

Is A Great Investment In Your Future!

Every Thing In Your Home Works Better

With Conditioned Water!

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