Certified Water Testing For Real Estate Transactions

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California Certified Real Estate Water Testing Options

FHA & VA Water Tests
​Nitrates & Bacteria
Full Service - Chain Of Custody
2 Day To 7 Day Turnaround
We understand your real estate
transaction has to close.
Rush Orders OK
VA Water Test With Lead
Nitrates - Bacteria - Lead
Full Service - Sample - Chain Of Custody
Delivery To Lab
3 Day To 7 Day Turnaround
Lead Testing Takes More Time
Please Submit Order ASAP
Test Failure Protocols
Bacteria Present In Sample 
Full Service Well Shocking Service With
Re-Sample, Chain of Custody &
Delivery To Lab - 24 hr Turnaround
Nitrate Level > 10ppm
48 Hour Turn Around - Nitrate Reduction Filter Installed - Re-Sample, Chain of Custody & Delivery To Lab
We Will Do Everything In Our Power
To Get Your Real Estate Transaction Cleared To Close
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