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Catalytic Carbon & Water Conditioning Systems

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  • Great Tasting Water From Every Tap!

  • No More Hard Water Scale or Buildup

  • Softer Skin & Hair

  • Awesome Tasting Coffee and Tea

  • Removes Chloramines Chlorine & VOC's

  • Eliminates Hard Water Scale From Your Home!

  • Lowest Cost Carbon & Conditioning Filter!

  • Requires ZERO Electricity

  • Easy ZERO Maintenance UpFlow Design

  • Lifetime Warranty On Equipment

  • 5 Year Performance Guarantee

  • Professional Installation Available

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Online water filter retailers in the United States, make filters that according to their website fit a very wide range of water chemistries.  San Diego has the 9th worst water in the country with the major disinfectant being Chloramines and Chlorine so, chemically a filter made for our specific nasty water will work better that a filter with a wide range of effectiveness.  In addition, Online Water Filter Retailers utilize KDF-55 or KDF-85 in there upflow filters and this filtration media releases copper into your water in dangerous amounts when your pH is above 8.00 and considering that our average pH in San Diego is above 8.4 you can see the problem.  The claim is it makes the water bacteriostatic meaning it's just another type of disinfectant how is that possible, Copper is being released into the water.  Plus their biggest claim is that it makes their carbon last longer, what it really does is make Chlorine undetectable or hard to detect.  This is done by turning Chlorine into Copper Chloride or Chloramine in to Copper Chloramide.  San Diego Pure Water doesn't want to add anything to you water, we want to remove chemicals from your water.  San Diego water is sanitary, there isn't any bacteria in your water so there is no need to add copper to the water to fight non existent bacteria. 


The UpFlow Filtration System is designed to have ultra low-maintenance while providing high quality great tasting Chloramine and Chlorine free water from every tap in your home here in San Diego County and at the same time it eliminates scale from your life! 


Low Cost Filtration with Water Conditioning is a San Diego Pure Water Exclusive!  We offer this unique combination of water filtration and conditioning at a price far lower than any of our competitors.  We use only the finest components, all components are made in the USA and everything is NSF Certifed and Tested, ANSI Tested and Approved, WQA Tested and Approved.


We use electronic water conditioning, Water Wizard by VertexWater Wizard has been shown to be up to 70% effective on reducing hard water scaling.  We guarantee relief from scale problems you currently have in your home.

We are the only company in San Diego County using Jabobi Catalytic Carbon to remove Chloramines and Chlorine from your tap water.  Jacobi Catalytic Carbon is the most efficient and effective filtration media available for the removal of Chloramines and Chlorine plus it adds nothing to the water!  We do not use KDF products because they add copper to the water and copper toxicity causes gastrointestinal disturbances, including nausea and vomiting in the short term and bigger health problems in the long term.

We build each system to your exact needs based on the water coming to your home!  Did you know that each city in San Diego County has different water?  It does!  Carlsbad and Vista have Chromium 6 in their water so we build those filters to address Chromium 6 in addition to everything else! 

We offer four models to fit your home and lifestyle!  And remember that all things being equal more media means better filtration, more capacity to remove toxins and a healthier, happier life for you.


Your UpFlow filter will be custom built for you, your loved ones and  your water!   Protect your health while bathing or drinking!  And protect your investment in your home with ScaleStop Water Conditioning to protect your plumbing and fixtures! 

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