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$1,400 Off Iron Filters

Iron & Manganese Filters


Super Efficient Long Lasting Iron Filters For Well Water

No More:

  • Staining

  • Lines Clogging

  • Water Heaters Problems

  • Faucets Failing

  • Drip Systems Clogging

  • Orange Stains

  • Sulfur Smells

Introducing Katalox Light


  • Saves Up To 80% Of Wastewater Compared To Filox

  • Last 4 Times Longer Than GreenSand

  • Zero Chemical Dosing

  • Filters Turbity Down to 3 Microns

  • Only Needs Low Backwashing Water Pressure


Katalox Light is a versatile medium for the treatment of iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide. It's lighter than Filox and requires significantly less backwash. It can also provide sediment filtration down to 3 microns and can reduce arsenic, zinc, copper, radium, and uranium. NSF & WQA certified.


Unlike GreenSand it does not require chemical dosing to make it effective.

Katalox Light Iron/Manganese Filters carry a 5-year media warranty and a 10-year equipment warranty.


These systems are about 40% less than comparable Filox or MangOx Filters.


Filtering Your Water

Is A Great Healthy Investment In Your Future!

Every Thing In Your Home Works Better

With Conditioned Water Including You!


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