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​​San Diego Pure Water a is full-service water treatment company that offers the finest and most comprehensive water purification services in Southern California.  We offer specific health and wellness information, products, and service to help our community to deal with the toxins in our tap water.  We believe that if you know the truth about the contaminants in the water supply and the effects on your health, you will become motivated to filter your water for your own health and well-being. 

We are a San Diego company and are woman-owned.  San Diego Pure Water is very proud to be a Green Company that recycles 85%+ of all our materials.  We use materials made in the United States whenever possible and that are produced in the most sustainable and renewable way.      

San Diego Pure Water’s whole house water filtration systems are specifically designed for your water supply.  Our chemical engineers will review your water quality and design a system just for you.

Over the last five years, we did a great deal of research, testing, and study.  We talked to manufacturers of filtration media, carbon, KDF, Alumina, Bonechar carbon to name some.  Then we spoke with the major manufactures of whole house water filters and a lot of what we found out is not very pretty, you need to do research, know what questions to ask and ask them of everyone you speak to in regards to water purification.  It has to make sense both personally and scientifically. 

We use the most efficient and effective forms of filtration media including sustainable Coconut Shell Carbons, our proprietory FluoriGone Fluoride Removal Media, and Activated Alumina.   We choose to use higher-cost media and spend our dollars on what affects you, it is what is in the tank not on the outside of the tank that counts!


We have developed and invented four new filtration and waste water-saving devices and lead the way for sustainable water treatment here in Southern California.



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