Look At The Toxins Catalytic Carbon Has Been Proven To Address

University studies have conclusive proof that Catalytic Carbon reliably removes the following toxins from water!


You can protect yourself, your family and your home with an HomePure Whole House Reverse Osmosis System!

Ions - Metals - Organic Chemicals

Iron                           Tannins                           Hydrogen Sulfide H2S 

Sulfur                        Stinky Water                  Foul Odors     

Hardness                 Hard Water Scale          Manganese

Limescale                MTBE                               Insecticides

Pesticides                Herbicides                      Chloramines

Lead                         Arsenic                            Mercury

Chlorine                  Chloroform                     Barium (Ba)

Bicarbonate           Cadmium (Cd)                Chromium (Cr)

Copper (Cu)


1,2,4-trichlorobenzene 2,4-D Atrazine



Lindane Pentachlorophenol

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HomePure vs Water Boy

The HomePure Plus Filter Is Five Times More Effective At Removing 

Toxic Chemicals From Your Water!

Plus The HomePure Plus Filter

Is 99.6% Effective At Eliminating

Hard Water Scale

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HomePure Vs WaterBoy
Which System Is Best With Chloramines?
Uses Catalytic Carbon
Jacobi Catalytic Carbon has at least 5 times the efficiency and capacity of any GAC Media.  It is the most effective solution to removing Chloramines in our water without adding toxins!  University studies have proven this fact!
Uses GAC & KDF
GAC is the least efficient carbon media at removing Chloramines from our water!  KDF leaches Copper into our water when the pH is over 8.0.  Plus KDF doesn't remove any chemicals it adds them! 
Which System Is Best With Hard Water?
Uses ScaleStop
ScaleStop by Next Technologies has been shown to be the most efficient and effective salt-free solution to hard water in every U.S. University Study on hard water in the last ten years.  ASU Study proved it's more than 99% effective!
Uses Magnets
Magnet based anti-scale systems are at best 55% effective against hard water problems.  The most current Arizona State University study found that magnet based systems were only  52.9% effective on hard water scaling.

If you are looking for a waterboy water filter you have found the right place.  We offer a filter system that is 5 times better than a waterboy system and it has 5 times the capacity to remove chloramines from your water.  


Our homepure system is far less expensive than a waterboy system.  


If you are thinking of a waterboy system you need to look at our Homepure filter systems

HomePure II Installed with Pre and Post Filters 
Fully Automatic Self Cleaning No Hassle System

Why Choose An HomePure Whole House


To Protect Your Home & Family?

Guaranteed Reduction Rates:


     Chlorine & Chloramines - 99%

     Disinfection Byproducts - 99%

     Volatile Organic Chemicals VOC's - 99%

     Scale & Hardness - 99%

     Pesticides & Roundup - 92%+

     Pharmaceuticals - 99%

     Other Toxins - 90% to 99%


What That Means To You - Real Toxin Levels:


       Chlorine & Chloramines <.01 ppm

      Disinfection Byproducts <.01 ppm

      VOC's <.01 ppm 

      Hard Water Scale = 0

      Pesticides < .01 ppm

      Roundup < .01 ppm

      Pharmaceuticals < .01 ppm       


HomePure Whole House Filtration System Benefits!

Great Tasting, Odor Free Water From Every Tap!

Eliminates Hard Water Scale & Problems From Your Home!

You Get All The Benefits Of Soft Water With No Salt!

Everything Is Cleaner - Clothes - House - Your Environment & You!

Everything Lasts Longer - Plumbing - Water Heater - Clothes - Even You!

You, Your Family, Your Pets & Your House  Will Love Your Water!

Our Current Customers Love Their HomePure Filters!

Dear Bob & Trish, Wow what a difference!  My family loves our water now!  My daughter has even told her friends about it, I do have a few referrals for you.   Your installer was wonderful and so helpful, we really appreciate your professionalism.  It looks great installed.   

Your system really works!    Thank You!

                                                                                                                                      Joanne K. Carlsbad

Hey Bob,  I just have to say that I love my water!  What a difference.  My husband's skin problem on his legs which has been a challenge for over three years is almost completely gone in just over a month.  His doctors are truly amazed.  I guess you were right it was the Chloramines.  My husband and I are so happy that we made the investment in our HomePure system.  Thank you for all your help and efforts.

                                                                                                                                      Kathy C. La Jolla

Dear San Diego Pure Water,  We love our water!  This system has completely changed our home.  My kids love the water, cleaning is easier and oh my god bathing is wonderful!  Everything works better in the house, it is really amazing how much the water quality matters.   We love the system and appreciate all the effort you people put into getting great water.

                                                                                                                                   Denise B.  San Diego

You Can Love Your Water Too!  Start The Process With A Free Consultation!

Here's Who We Are & What We Believe

We are a dynamic scientific company that designs, builds and instals the best water filtration systems we can make.  We use the very best equipment from american manufactures and the best filtration medias available in California.  We exclusively use Jacobi Catalytic Coconut Shell Carbon because University studies have shown it to be the most efficient and effective solution for removing Chloramines from tap water.


We use science to guide our business so that we can deliver the right solution for any water based problems!


We do whatever it takes to come up with innovative solutions for you and then implement your solution in a professioanl and honest fashion.   We are obsessed with delivering the perfect water treatment solution to our customers & friends. 


We are a dynamic scientific company that designs, builds and installs the best water filtration systems we can make.  We use the very best equipment from american manufactures and the best filtration medias available.  We use Jacobi Catalytic Coconut Shell Carbons because University studies have proven this carbon to be the most efficient and effective solution to remove Chloramine's from water.  


We are passionate about solving the huge water issues facing our fellow San Diegans at the lowest possible price and the least amount of hassle!


Our mission is to take the best and the latest of what has been tested and proven in the water treatment science and apply it to create the ultimate filtration and purification systems that solve our customers problems.  We provide perfect water for perfect health!

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