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How To Buy A Fluoride Filtration System That
Actually Works In Southern California

Is it time to get healthy?   Are you ready to research or have you researched how to remove Fluoride from your tap water? 


Three years ago San Diego Pure Water started testing various Fluoride removal medias using tap water in San Marcos, CA.  


We have done years of:


                   1. Real World Testing With San Diego Tap Water

                   2. Building Whole House Fluoride Removal Systems

                   3. Re-Testing Our Systems To See What Actually Works Here In San Diego

                   4. Re-Designing And Building Proprietory Fluoride Removal System For San Diego Water


In this free report you will learn:


                   1.  The six methods to effectively remove Fluoride from tap water

                   2.  The general water chemistry of San Diego Tap Water & how it effects removing Fluoride from your water

                   3.  The two most effective methods of removing Fluoride from your whole house

                   4.  How to get purified healthy water to drink and cook with

                   5.  How much you can expect to pay and what the maintenance costs will be like


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