Perfect Water For Perfect Health!

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Protect Yourself From Fluoride Toxicity!

 Whole House Filter Systems That Remove Fluoride In Water!
Reliable - Low to Zero Waste Water - Tested & Proven
Ultra-Efficient Fluoride Removal Systems
 Built And Designed For San Diego Tap Water 

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Whole House Fluoride

Removal Systems!

93% to 99% Fluoride Removal Guaranteed!

Whole House Or Under-Sink

San Diego Pure Water is the only local full service water treatment company that provides the most scientific and advanced Fluoride removal systems available anywhere!
We have pioneered systems and strategies for low to near zero waste water whole house purification systems.
San Diego Pure Water gives you the insight, straight talk, understanding and science so you can intelligently purchase the Fluoride Removal System that best fits your needs.
The result: smarter choices, better water and fewer toxins in your life!
Perfect Water For Perfect Health!


San Diego Pure Water


100% Woman Owned Business

Top Rated Water Filter Provider On Yelp

A+ Rated On Better Business Bureau

All System Custom Built 

Backed By Nelsen Corp. - The Largest OEM 

A Customer Service Orientated Company

We have the only Nationally Certified Water Quality Specialist In San Diego County!

Over 30 Years Of Experience



Whole House Fluoride Removal Benefits!

Perfect Water - Real Bottled Water Quality From Every Tap!

Eliminating Toxins Improves Your Health & Wellbeing!

You Get All The Benefits Of Soft Water With No Salt!

Everything Is Cleaner - Clothes - House - Your Environment & You!

Everything Lasts Longer - Plumbing - Water Heater - Clothes - Even You!

You, Your Family, Your Pets & Your House  Will Love Your Water!

No Tax Refund Sale $1,500 Off


Guaranteed Reduction Rates:

Fluoride Removal - 95% to 99%

Chlorine & Chloramines - 99%

Disinfection Byproducts - 99%

Volatile Organic Chemicals VOC's - 99%

Hardness - 99%

Heavy Metals - 99%

Pharmaceuticals - 99%

Roundup - 99%

Other Toxins - 95% to 99%



Science Based Filtration & Purification

All of our systems are backed by current university studies that can generally be found on

Our systems are designed by the worlds top chemical engineer for water treatment for maximum efficiency and low maintenance.



Dear Bob & Trish, Wow what a difference!  Within a week my fatique and tiredness has left!  On the fourth day we have the UltraPure water in the house I woke up at 6:00am and went for a run, came home and did the dishes!  I had more energy than I've had in years!  I had no idea how much the stuff in the water was affecting me.  I have had problems for over four years and the doctors have tried everything.  

Your system really works!    Thank You!

                                                                                                                            Joe C. Oceanside

Hey Bob,  I just have to say that I love my water!  What a difference.  I don't have any skin problems anymore when I shower, and my skin and hair love this water.   My husband and I are so happy that we made the investment in our UltraPure system.  Thank you for all your help and efforts.

                                                                                                         Arlene C. Escondido

Dear San Diego Pure Water,  We love our water!  This system has completely changed our home.  My kids love the water, cleaning is easier and oh my god bathing is wonderful!  I have looked for a solution to all the Fluoride that the city puts in the water for years.  I bought my own Hanna tester and each time I test the water the meter shows zero.  Thank you for all you do to help get Fluoride out of our water.

                                                                                                                    Denise B.  San Diego

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