Fluoride In Your Water  - Are You In or Out?

San Diego City water officials started adding Fluoride to our water in January 2011 so if you have a whole house system now we can pretty much promise you that it does not remove Fluoride from your water!  Yes even those $4,000 to $8,000 systems do not remove Fluoride.  There is Fluoride In Water here in San Diego and all of Southern California.

Fluoride is added to our in San Diego water as a medical treatment for a non-waterborne disease, tooth decay, but, there are more studies that dispute this than uphold it.  The dosage is controlled only by consumption so, the more water you drink the higher the dose. 


Dr. Hans Moolenburgh’s research found that up to 4 percent of people drinking and bathing with fluoridated water experienced health problems. These problems ranged from gastrointestinal disorders to mouth sores to rashes to headaches to forms of arthritis to more serious concerns such as cancers and neurological complaints.


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