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Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

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You Should Not Drink Tap Water In San Diego County!


Reverse Osmosis Water Filters For San Diego Water Problems!
Custom Made In San Diego For San Diego Water
Tested & Verified For The Maximum Chloramine, Chlorine, Fluoride, Arsenic & Other Toxin Removal!

Perfect Water 508

50 Gallons Per Day 8 Stage

EcoFriendly Sustainable 1 to 1 Waste Ratio

Reverse Osmosis Zero TDS System

With Chloramine Pre-Filters, De-Ionization, pH Adjustment & Re-Mineralization Plus a Permeate Pump to eliminate RO water waste!

Perfect Water 507

50 Gallons Per Day 7 Stage

EcoFriendly Sustainable 1 to 1 Waste Ratio

Reverse Osmosis System

With Chloramine Pre-Filters, pH Adjustment & Re-Mineralization Plus a Permeate Pump to eliminate RO water waste!

Perfect Water 506

50 Gallons Per Day 6 Stage

Reverse Osmosis Low TDS System

With Chloramine Pre-Filters, pH Adjustment & Re-Mineralization

The Truth About Drinking Water 

Water quality used to be a non-issue but now you cannot take the quality of your water for granted.  With news of pharmaceuticals in our water supplies, disinfectants, chlorine & chloramines, industrial and biological contamination, our aging water distribution infrastructure, and even the naturally occurring substances like Chromium 6,  we're all thinking about the quality of our drinking water more than ever. 


The Truth Is: Your tap water is filled with toxic chemical contaminants!  You drink, eat, and ingest these toxins every day and so do your children.  With bottled water selling at up to $12.00 per gallon and the bottles are an environmental nightmare clearly bottled water is not the answer!


The answer is a sustainable "Perfect Water" Reverse Osmosis Filter under your sink.


Our Perfect Water Filters remove the toxic contaminants in your water while cutting water waste by up to 80%!


SAN DIEGO PURE WATER is the only company in Southern California that custom builds every reverse osmosis filter systems they install to specifically remove Chloramines - Not all RO's are the same!  Every Perfect Water Filter is built with a pH adjusting and re-mineralization cartridge to ensure that your drinking water is perfect, healthy, and refreshing!  At our guaranteed overall cost of about 5 cents per gallon, a Perfect Water Reverse Osmosis Filter can save you over $5,000 over the next five years when compared to drinking bottled water!  See below.  

Water Treatment Is A Smart And Healthy Investment In Your Future!

Every Thing In Your Home Works Better

With Treated Water Including You!

Every Thing We Offer

Is NSF Certified

Made In The USA!

The "Perfect Water" Filter Saves You Money!

Do You Want To Save $5,000.00 Over The Next 5 Years?


Bottled Water Costs!  Assuming you buy cheapo bottled water Walmart at $10.88 per case / 24 x .5 Liters. This equals $0.45 per bottle of water. For a family of 4 whom each drink two bottles of water per day=8 bottles x .45=$3.60 per day. Per year that totals=$1,314.00,  so your 5 year total is $1,314.00 x 5=$6,570.00


The Perfect Water Filter Costs:  San Diego Pure Water will guarantee your 5-year cost of owning a Perfect Water System to be below $1,500.00 including purchase, all maintenance, service, and filter changes.  The system will provide you with at least four times the amount of water as represented in the bottled water case above.


The Perfect Water Filter Will Save You At Least $5,070.00 Over Five Years!

And You Get More Water, Better Tasting Healthier Water,

And You Are Protecting The Environment!

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