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Agricultural Water

Plants better with better water!  We can supply you with specialized filtration systems, small or large scale reverse osmosis systems and innovative blending techniques that give you consistent water quality at a lower net cost!

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High Rise & Condominiums

Our focus here is to protect the owners and their investment in their homes.  We have proven methods to reduce hard water issues and damage at affordable prices.  We also offer whole building filtration and purification systems 

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Food & Beverage

We have the latest technologies and products that produce better water at a lower cost for almost all food & beverage service applications.  We focus on better equipment and lower service costs year in and year out!

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Industrial Water

We have options your mega water treatment companies won't offer.  We 9 out of 10 times can save you 20% to 30% off your water treatment costs.  Plus you own the equipment and after year 6 the saving increase to 60% to 70%.

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Commercial & Industrial Filtration & Purification

San Diego Pure Water provides all forms of commercial and industrial water filtration and purification.  We are local, fast, efficient and generally lower priced than your other options.
Our goal is better water for you at a lower net cost!
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