Arsenic Is Very Poisonous & Dangerous

It will cause major health problems - If you have Arsenic in your water

We have the most stable & safe solution in the world!


  • Efficiently & Consistently Removes Arsenic III and Arsenic V

  • Turns Your Non-Potable Water Into Artesian Well Water

  • Reduces Your Total Dissolved Solids By 93% to 99%

  • Removes Hardness - Nitrates - Bacteria - Iron - Manganese - Chromium 6 - Fluoride - Boron - Chloride

  • Protects Your Health And Your Home - Pipes - Appliances

  • Solving Your Arsenic Problem Can Increase The Value Of Your Home By $20,000 to $35,000

  • Ultra Green Technology -Saves Money, Electricity and Water

  • Low Maintenance Costs Compared To All Other Arsenic Removal Methods

  • 1000 Gallons Per Day to 10,000 Gallons Per Day


Most people get scared when they find out they have Arsenic in their water, but don't worry while Arsenic is hard to remove from water,  breakthroughs in water treatment technologies now offer the best solution to your Arsenic problems.  There is not an easy cheap solution to Arsenic, no matter what anyone tells you, sorry there isn't.  The E-Arsenic System turns non-potable water into Artesian well water, great tasting and safe to drink, plus unbelievable to bath in.  Your water will be naturally soft, clear, clean and sanitary.


E-Arsenic - San Diego Pure Water has the exclusive access to a new technology that will reduce Arsenic by no less than 90% with one cycle

and can be built to remove 99% of the Arsenic in your water.  The E-Arsenic System will consistently perform at these high removal rates

without the high maintenance cost associated with Arsenic removal.

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Treating Your Arsenic Problem 

Is A Great Healthy Investment In Your Future!

Protecting Yourself and Your Family Is

So Important - Call Today


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